Thursday, 16 August 2007

What a seedy day!

Yesterday was a perfect day for sowing tomato, capsicum, chilli and eggplant seeds according to the moonplanting guide for August. If you haven't checked out Cosmic's Blog with the guides yet, do so now. There'll be another good day next week on the 23 August. Just in case you missed a few seeds or varieties.

The weather was perfect, too. There was a touch of spring in the air.
I had sorted out which varieties of tomatoes to sow and was ready! (I won't tell you how long it took me to finalise that list. At one stage the number of varieties was up to 90! I had to do a merciless cull to get the number down.)

I am trying different containers this time. Usually I use punnets, but I wanted to have smaller containers to squeeze in more into the domes and mini hothouses. You can see quite an assortment - cream cheese containers, bottoms cut off milk bottles, etc. I also used styrofoam cups and little pots. Let's see how these go.

There was still time and soil left to re-pot some capsicum and chilli seedlings that were busting to get out of their punnets. The window sill is rapidly filling up with little pots of seedlings.

The Veggie Gnome

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