Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Orchard extension

Finally! One part of the orchard extension is blocked off and ready to be filled with all kinds of fruit trees. To the right you can see the existing orchard with the Flodders* fence. This fence is a real disgrace. Mended with bits and pieces as required. Mainly to keep out the sheep who made it their purpose in life to break into the garden. I have started taking down that fence and it's already looking better.

The top part of the orchard (where I stood to take this picture) is yet to be finalised. Only 4 more posts and a gate and the rest of the fencing wire. Not a big deal but we are rapidly running out of time.

Anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to start planting some fruit trees in the next few days. Early apples, cherries, figs, etc.

*Remember the Flodders? 3 Dutch movies about the Flodders family. The first one is my favourite. Totally over the top.

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