Sunday, 19 August 2007

Early apples are in the ground

Finally I managed to find some time to start planting my fruit trees.

Today I planted 2 apples. They are early varieties. Beauty of Bath is supposed to give us apples at around Christmas and Sweetman in early February.

Beauty of Bath is just to the left in the picture.

As our soil is heavy clay, I had to amend the soil a little. Dig a really big hole, at least double (usually I go for 3 times) the size of the tree's rootball. Add some gypsum, blood & bone and some good compost. Layer with the original soil. Put in the tree. Fill in hole. Water in well.

I haven't mulched them yet as the forecast is for warm weather the next 6 days. So my theory is that the soil will get warmed up. As soon as the weather is forecast to get cooler I'll mulch around the trees to keep the warmth in.

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