Thursday, 9 August 2007

Heeling in fruit trees

This is my 'holding bay' for the bare rooted fruit trees that arrived a few weeks ago. As the orchard extension wasn't closed off then, I had to put the new arrivals in a place where they'd be happy for a while.

It's quite a big tub with holes at the bottom, filled with good compost.

This morning I thought of planting them all, but while taking this picture I got chilled to the bone and decided to wait till the weather fines up a little. It's foggy, windy, cold and generally quite miserable out there at the moment. Let's hope it clears soon.

The Veggie Gnome


Anonymous said...

What trees are you planting?

Mad Gnome said...

Very early apple: Beauty of Bath. It's supposed to give us ripe apples at around Christmas.
Early apple: Sweetman. Matures at around early February.
2 Sunburst Cherries, as we loved them when we were munching our way through Tasmania.
1 Morello Cherry, as I remember that fondly from my childhood.
These are the ones you can see in the tub. Won't tell you about the others that are hanging about all over the place. :)