Friday, 31 August 2007

Pruning newly planted cherry trees?

Do I have to? If so, how best to prune these two?
Anybody here who can give some advice? Please?
They don't have any of the shapes you see in the pruning books when explaining how to prune cherries. That's why I'm stumped. All answers very much appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...

I'd be tempted to Espalier them rather than let them get tall - and cherries can get very tall. You'd need some training wires to train lateral branches on and try for a central brance going upwards that produces the laterals. These are what you can then train along your wires and let them also send up branches for fruit. I'll post some pics on my blog of the apples we did before and after 3 years.

Mad Gnome said...

Just read your blog entry. Thank you very much for the explanation! I'm very tempted to go that way. All I need is more time!