Monday, 26 September 2011

Spring onion pancakes

I had bookmarked these pancakes years ago, but somehow never got round to making them. A good thing probably! Because now I'm hooked.

They really are quick, easy and totally delicious. You need a dipping sauce or something yummy to dunk them in, as there is no salt in the pancakes. The dipping sauce in the recipe is just perfect.

The recipe can be found here.

The dough is incredibly easy and quick to make. Also very easy to work with.

Roll out, sprinkle with spring onions (I'm sure you could sprinkle it with tons of other things. Something to play with.).
Then roll into a snake, and coil up into a spiral.
Roll out again.Fry in hot pan. Plonk on to plate and try not to gobble it up too quickly. Hmm...actually, why not?! Go ahead and gobble it up. :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Purple Cauliflower

I just have to brag about this beauty! I will harvest this one tomorrow or Friday. Isn't it a ripper?! :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Curry puffs

The leftover curry from the previous post was perfect as filling for curry puffs.I used the pastry recipe from Stephanie Alexander's "Cook's Companion". You can also find it here. It's easy to make, easy to work with and very tasty.Some of the curry puffs.
I filled the smallest of my cast iron frying pans with oil to do the deep frying.
The pastry got all blistery and flaky, as described in the recipe.
Served with a celeriac salad and some lacto-fermented carrots & cabbage. And chilli sauce. Delicious!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Garden Curry

The proper name for it is Chard & New Potato Curry. The recipe is here.

We had nearly all the ingredients in the garden. Here the greens (mustard leaves, kale, silverbeet, komatsuna, rapa, chinese broadleaf celery). Plus all the other ingredients. Instead of the onion I used some walking onions. The picture is out of focus, sorry, I must have been quite hungry.
The greens nearly didn't fit in the pot.
But wilted down in no time.
Finally, time to eat! It doesn't take long to prepare and cook. It was absolutely delicious. Well worth making! With the leftovers I made curry puffs. But that's another post. :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Well, well, well. Finally we went and did a beekeeping course. Here are pictures taken during our practical.

Get your smokers going before you start on your hive(s).
Open the lid carefully and give them a little dose.
Take out frames as required. (Nice gloves!)
Inspect ....... and look knowledgeable.
Have a bee. It's only a drone.
There's more where that came from. (No, they weren't all drones.)A marvellous time was had by all. :)