Sunday, 19 August 2007

Get rid of the Flodders fence!

The fence had been an eye-sore for the last few years. Finally, with the orchard extension nearly finished I was able to get rid of the fence. I had started taking it down a week or two ago. Today I decided to finish the task.

It was a lot more work than I anticipated. There were two layers of fencing. The 'normal' fence wire and the chicken wire. Then the barbed wire. Then a trellis and an old wooden gate. Some stakes and star droppers. And all tied to bits and pieces and to each other by baling twine, wire, ties, etc. And someone had stapled the wire to the posts, not with just 2 or 3 staples but with 5-6!!!

Anyway, the fence is gone. The bits and pieces are leaning against the new fence. I will have to tidy that up tomorrow. My back just did not want to play any more!

In the distance you can see the two new apple trees planted today.

The sore Veggie Gnome

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