Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This Salad Bar

... currently serves Celery, Spring Onions, Russian Kale and Purple Mustard.

It will soon (hopefully) add Chicory (2 varieties), Mizuna, Purple Siberian Kale, Rocket, Yugoslavian Lettuce, Red Leprechaun Lettuce, Komatsuna, Mitsuba, Cos Verdi Lettuce and Red Orache to its selection. Most of the seeds were sown in punnets, only a few straight into the bed. You can only see one end of the salad bar. The other end still contains some chilli plants and a few weeds.

I do have another salad bar in a different spot that provides other varieties of lettuces and greenery. But it will soon be closed for business as I have to replenish the soil and then plant something else there.

The leafy Veggie Gnome

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