Sunday, 12 August 2007

Peace shattered in Gnomesville

Well, it was that one Saturday a year when the gnomes have to swap their peaceful garden and surrounds for loud noise and lots of dust. Yes, it was car rally time again where the road is closed for 5 hours and you are imprisoned in your property.
So, if you can't beat them, join them. We invited several gnome friends to enjoy the loud noise and dust with us. (Why should we have all the fun). Starting with a fortifying afternoon tea of cake, smoked salmon, dips, cheese and other delectables we then headed to the top of the hill where we could get the best view and of course where the most dust was.

We got a roaring bonfire going.

Then the cars started roaring past. This one got
a bit close to our fence.

A few red wines and lots of dust later one of the gnomes tried to escape, but she wasn't successful.

Then it was all over for another year and we dragged our cold dusty bodies inside for a bbq. Just the thing to fuel our hungry bodies was some nice Wagyu scotch fillet. Ummm...look at that marbling.

Followed by the finished product

And all the food was devoured in no time by 8 hungry gnomes

Today Gnomesville is back to it's peaceful self and much gardening was done.

The Flower Gnome


nina shariff said...

Halo, Halo, The wagyu beef makes me drool drool! I have not had a good beef steak in a long while!

Just had my lunch of Baked Tofu or Tofu Au Gratin! But still the sight of the beef, still did not satisfy this stomach! You lucky b*&@#$%!!

Mad Gnome said...

Hey, Nina! There's still some in the freezer over here. You just gotta get here. :)