Monday, 16 June 2008

Frosty morning walk

We experienced our first frosty morning of the season.

Let's start our walk at the balcony. Luckily I had lined the sides with polycarb yesterday. The sheets are attached to the lattice with pieces of wire. I had also arranged the pots in such a way that the hardier plants are more to the left - the more exposed side - and the more fragile ones closer to the right which is near the totally enclosed area.

Let's check on the Cape Gooseberry / Golden Berry. I have grown this plant from seed and it is now approx. 5-6 years old. It's a very attractive plant which yields amazing berries. Even though they normally do not like frost, this plant is in a pretty good position. It does get frost, but the sun reaches it only very slowly. So it defrosts very gently and therefore does not get damaged.

Let's walk over to the patch where I planted leeks and spinach yesterday. Seems to be fine. The soil is fairly frosty here. Have a closer look at the frosty soil.

The calendula looks healthy. Its flower petals are edible and look great scattered over salads.

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Kate said...

It was a cold morning at my place too but, being on a hill, I don't get frostand, anyway, I think you brought your weather from Austria! Those photos of your cape gooseberry are fscinating - I have never seen one before, so beautiful!