Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Frost and chillies

These two plants survived last winter. This was a very pleasant surprise as we experienced quite a few severe frosts a few days in a row then. Now we had the first frosty morning (their second winter) and they are still looking good. There are still a few chillies ripening up on the plants and the Orange Rocoto (Manzano Amarillo) is flowering profusely.

The plant on the left is a Bishop's Crown and you can see why when you look at its fruit. They are bright red when fully ripe. They are not very hot and only give you a little kick. They are particularly nice stuffed with good feta.

The fruit of the Orange Rocoto is small and oval-shaped, orange in colour when ripe, thick walled, has black seeds and a fruity taste. I ate some that didn't have any heat at all but you can also get the odd one that will blow off your head.

Orange Rocoto
Flower of the Orange Rocoto

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