Monday, 2 June 2008

Going native Tumbeela Native Bushfoods.

This visit was organised by Kate from the Adelaide Hills and Plains Seedsavers. Thanks Kate! We had a good time learning about bushfoods.

We were greeted by Warren Jones with a lovely cup of lemon myrtle/aniseseed myrtle tea and a lemon myrtle biscuit. Then we sampled riberry & lime/lemonade glaze, lemon myrtle infused honey, lemon myrtle icecream, wattleseed icecream (which tasted like hazelnut to me), dried & ground bush tomatoes, whole muntries and riberries. We smelled roasted & ground wattleseeds and dried mountain pepper leaves.

After the talk we went for a little walk through the rows of lemon myrtle and mountain pepper bushes. We were encouraged to rub the leaves of the lemon myrtle between our hands and enjoy the scent.

We nibbled on fresh mountain pepper leaves - nothing happens for a few seconds and then it kicks you. Fiercely!

The same with the fresh pepper berries.

There was also a cinnamon myrtle, aniseseed myrtle and a riberry. All lovely bushes.

Everybody was eager to do a bit of shopping after the walk. There was a good range of products and some seedlings.

Now for experimenting with some of the spices. :)

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Kate said...

You have captured this much better than I did. I love writing but I am hopeless at recounting events.It was great to catch up.