Thursday, 5 June 2008

One corner of the balcony

This part of the balcony contains mainly edible plants. At the far left you can see my Aniseseed Myrtle, then a pot with turmeric. On the plant stand there is an assortment of seedlings - asparagus, cardoon, spinach, onions, lettuces, hollyhock, violas, etc. all ready to be planted out. Then a few chilli plants in pots, my Lemon Myrtle, Davidson Plum, Muntrie, Small-Leaf Lillypilly, Curry Leaf Plant, more turmeric and a Pepino.
Soon I will get some polycarb to line the sides of the balcony so that the icy winds can't damage the plants. This corner is fairly frost protected and I can overwinter all these plants without worrying too much about them.

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Maggie said...

The polycarb is a good idea. Like you I have some things in pots so I can have them more protected and also because we have not got round to planting them.