Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lunch treat

Once in a while we all need something different for lunch. So, what is a lunch treat?

Freshly baked pretzel. Here we have 'before' and 'after' pictures.

A salad with ingredients freshly picked from the garden. Leafy greens such as Chinese Broad Leaf Celery, Japanese Mustard Spinach Komatsuna, different lettuce varieties, rocket, French Sorrel, pea shoots, young beetroot leaves, etc. Add some very thinly sliced bulb fennel, thinly sliced oranges (without the peel), extra-virgin olive oil, a drizzle of lemon juice, salt & pepper.


Maggie said...


Kate said...

I am going to grow some of that Komatsuna and the Chinese broad-leaf celery. Nice to find some new vegetables to try.

Veggie Gnome said...

I know I have seeds for both - somewhere. I shall try to dig them out for you. :)