Tuesday, 10 June 2008


There is always some rocket growing in our garden. In all nooks and crannies. It's great in salads, pasta, sandwiches, risotto, etc. It is easy to grow, self seeds (always a bonus in my eyes, unless it is a weed) and does not need a lot of maintenance.

This rocket does go to seed when it gets warmer and I usually don't have any in summer. But there is always a plant going to seed at some time and the seeds scatter and lie dormant until the first good rain arrives in autumn.

Then you get lovely young rocket growing everywhere. It is easy to rip out, if you don't want it growing in a particular spot. Or pot it up and give some to friends and family.

However, Wild Rocket seems to be a perennial in our garden. It has pretty yellow flowers, which I cut off, and it grows even in summer (without any watering). This plant has been growing since last winter/spring. It has flowered, it survived our extreme summer, without water, and supplied us with peppery leaves. They taste a lot less peppery at the moment, as they get water now (rain).

It also self seeds and the young plants are everywhere. They are easy to pull out or I throw some compost and mulch on top. Done.

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