Thursday, 29 January 2009

What do you do when..

...the Country Fire Service (CFS) announces that it "is expecting a horror day?" With 44 degree heat and strong winds creating extreme fire dangers across South Australia.

Look around your place for possible fire hazards (DO NOT look at your well mulched garden!). Pick up whatever bits and pieces you meant to put away for the last few weeks. Water your garden, check on your animals. Drink lots of water. Discuss your bushfire action plan. Make sure each person in the household knows exactly what their tasks are.

Try not to worry too much. Keep cool. Be ready. Hope for the best.
Good luck everyone!


Kel said...

yes, thinking of you all out in more rural environs! good advice - make sure everyone knows their tasks- crucial

Cabbage Heart said...

At least where i live in Queensland we have high humidity. Bush fires are a threat, but no-where near as bad as the Southern States. I was born on a Dairy Farm in South Aussie and remember Bushfire season as a child. It was feared as much back then as i fear as an adult now in South East Queensland Storm Season.

I am thinking of you Mad Gnome and pray you and yours will be safe during the Bushfire Season. I know how frightening it is.

Anonymous said...

Having seen how well prepare you are, I am sure that no bush fire would dare come close. No one could have done it as well as you guys. You and your neighbours are in our thoughts and remember - people before stuff. Our love and prayers to you both.

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks all for your kind and encouraging words! I appreciate your thoughts, love and prayers! Thank you so much! :)