Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sunburnt and crispy!

The vegetables, that is. Tomatoes are sunburnt, the leaves of a lot of plants are crispy.

One thing that was a bit uplifting, though: the soil underneath all that mulch is not rock hard, but friable and slightly moist. Woohooo! All that hard work building up the soil and mulching everything has paid off. I can't change what happens above the ground, though.

42C yesterday up here. 43C forecast for today. 44C in the city! Yuk!

Anyway. Stay cool, people! Take care of yourselves! Don't forget to keep up the fluids! Everyone, everywhere - all the best! Those in the midst of this scorcher, those experiencing flooding and storms (unimaginable as it seems to me at the moment). All the best to everyone.


Jen said...

Hi Veggie gnome,
thanks for the cool wishes. Tassie is not too hot, (only 30 degrees or so) although its crisping the surface of my un-mulched veggie patch! Ive been slack in my own veggie garden, as we have grey water from shower and bath watering the patch, there didnt seem to be the need to mulch. But... I might be paying the price now!

Must go and pick some corn,

Anonymous said...

28 in Wynyard today, 30 tomorrow. We feel it because the UV is extreme. I have been thinking of you all day, hoping you are coping. Stay indoors.

Jen said...

Hi again, I just read your bushfire post from yesterday. It brings back memories of the 1983 bushfires in Adelaide: my sister got hemmed in by fires in Stirling while at a school camp. Pretty bloody scary.
Wishing you all the best, and hopefully none of those hellishly hot dry Northerlies.
Good luck with your tomatoes!

angela said...

Hi there, its very hot here in Melbourne as well. My poor garden looks sooo droopy.
Roll on winter I say.
Stay cool and safe everyone