Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Feeding the old girl

It's a bummer when you are old and have no teeth!
Ask the old* girl.

The last three summers she has been struggling to keep up her feed, when the grass turned dry and hard.

That's when she starts knocking on the gate in the morning.Once inside the front yard, she enjoys her bowl full of lupins.Then starts seriously munching on the Kikuyu grass.

This is the only time we are glad we have a patch of that grass in our front yard. It thrives in summer - without water, in the extreme heat. It's luscious green. Great food for a toothless old girl. She is fine from autumn onwards - after the first good rains - when the grass is green and tender again.

* I did want to mention that she's hitting approx. 11 years, but then realised she might not want her age to be revealed. So I won't. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh do please give that beautiful girl a big big hug from me she is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see she's still going strong - what is that in human years I wonder?

Tricia said...

How cute..I imagine she must be one of the happiest sheep!

Olive said...

When I get old, I want to live at your house!

Olive said...

Hey! It's now 12.47 am,so I can officially wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Veggie Gnome

Veggie Gnome said...

S.H., she loves her hugs and pats, as long as they don't interfere with her eating. Will give her an extra hug from you tomorrow morning.

Cosmic, I'm not sure. We were thinking if it's like dog years, then she's the oldest around the place.

Tricia, I reckon our sheep are pretty happy. They have a good, stressfree life.

Olive, no problem. As long as you are content with a bowl of lupins in the mornings.
What were you doing up at this time of the night/morning? Thank you!

Anna's Spot said...

So cute. I am so glad that you look after her so well. She must think the world of you :)

Cabbage Heart said...

Im coming to your house when i get that old. Happy Birthday!