Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Batten down the hatches!


41C and rising. It is not the heat I am worried about. It is bushfires.

So every year we try to make our place even more bushfire-ready. We installed more water tanks to have dedicated water for fire fighting. (We are entirely dependent on rain water, so water tanks are our only source of water during summer.) The fire pump is ready, and so is the generator (so that we can get the water out of the tanks).

Last year we had these corrugated iron sheets cut to size. We labelled them so that it is easy to put them on the respective window (bedroom 2, sheet 1, in this case) in the correct order. From left to right.Metal 'rails' were installed on the window sills
and above the window.
So all you have to do is grab the correct sheet, push it into the top rail first, then down into the bottom rail. Easy and quick.

Start from the left-hand side.This side is done. 2 windows covered. No flying ember and burning bits should be able to get through.


Julie said...

Sensational idea Veg, but I have every finger and toe crossed that you don't have to use them... Sending you "cool breezes" and "bushfire free" vibes mate.

Cabbage Heart said...

That is so much cheaper and easier than those wind down ones that break the bank from Stratco etc. What a good idea! I guess they could also be used for other nasty weather.

Kel said...

can't top Julies comments...battenning down a little less here , Im going for rain vibes!!

Holly said...

As always reading blogs reminds me of others' perspectives - here I was dreading what the next few days of high temperatures will be like for me and my family but we have town water and don't have to worry about fires to the extent that you do. Best of luck!

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for all the comments and good vibes, folks! Spreading them to everyone, as I'm sure we can all do with some good vibes, wherever you are. Take care! :)