Monday, 5 January 2009


This morning - just before the heat hit - I picked a few tomatoes.
Lunch is secured.

Top left: 3 Jaune Flammee. Top right: 3 Grusha Chyorhaya
Bottom left: 1 Striped Turkish Monastery
The hardest thing now is to decide how to use them? Bruschetta? Thinly sliced on a platter with a little drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil? In a sandwich? Big bites out of the whole tomato? Oooohhh...the choice!


Stewart said...

Big bites out of the whole tomato, bit of salt, pure decadence.

Kel said...

ohh...definitely bruschetta!

Julie said...

I could live on bread alone, so my vote is for the bruschetta ;-) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Jane said...

They look fabulous! They are 3 varieties I haven't heard of, just wondering where you get your seeds? I usually get seeds from the Digger's Club. I have 10 varieties in this year, I'm sure I have room for at least 3 more next year!


Kel said...

morning mad gnome, hopr your lunch was good whatever it may have been. if you 'do' awards, i 'gave' you one!

Veggie Gnome said...

Well, it wasn't bruschetta. Just slices on bread with chunky pesto. Devine! Bruschetta is on the menu tomorrow.

Thanks for making this post so much fun with all your comments! :)

Jane, I usually swap seeds with other seedsavers. Watch this space, I might put up a seed offer at the end of the season. Or send me an email. Jaune Flammee is a MUST GROW.
But you could try Eden Seeds, Kings Seeds or The Lost Seed. They have a good range of seeds, too. Amongst other seed companies.