Monday, 22 December 2008

Truly free-range!

Our chooks have the full run of the place - except for the vegetable garden, berry garden and orchard. This means that approx. 2 acres are there for them to explore. That's quite some roaming they can do.

They still manage to walk all the way down to the front paddock, cross the whole length of it, up towards the house, then through the fence or gate and make a big round to the back of the house to mess up the backyard. It's always more interesting to go where you are not supposed to go.

Anyway. For the last week or so, we had been sure that some of the young chicks must be laying. Just not in their nesting boxes. There was a lot of cackling, scurrying, surreptitious glances (from the chicks), etc. all around the compost area. I knew they were up to something the way they scooted around, just couldn't find the nest.

Well, here it is. I had to open up the top slightly to actually make the eggs visible.


Anonymous said...

Great! they must like a warm place to lay. We had ducks when we had the farm and often found clutches of eggs way down in the paddocks under the trees resting on cow pats.

Olive said...

How many eggs?

Popeye has just left the building !

He's going on an egg hunt - and its not even Easter ! LOL :-)

Veggie Gnome said...

*LOL* On cow pats?!

5 eggs!