Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gaga over garlic!

I am so chuffed. This is my first garlic braid ever!
There is a lot more garlic in the ground, which is very reassuring.
Ahhh.... garlic heaven!


Julie said...

Sensational Veg :-) I had huge problems getting mine braided last year until I later realised that I had hardneck garlic not softnecks, so they were all stiff and wouldn't braid nicely. This year I planted all softnecks, but my crop is absolutely dismal :-( I'm so upset, I *love* garlic. I guess it's because it got so hot so early this year that the bulbs stopped developing, so they are mostly pretty tiny :-(

Harry said...

Super! Bei uns ist nicht mal der Zwiebel was geworden :(

Veggie Gnome said...

Thank you, Julie! This is the first year I have a really good crop of garlic. So, keep on trying. I hope you get a ripper crop next time! We love garlic, too. It had been rationed the last month or so, as we had to make the last head last as long as possible. Good luck!

Harald, der Zwiebel ist auch nichts besonderes hier. Aber der Knoblauch freut mich schon sehr! Und es ist noch einiges mehr im Garten. :)

Olive said...

How clever! That looks fantastic. Now I'll have to try it on mine.