Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Garlic and Onions

I ripped out the onions as they had started to develop big seed stalks. We have been using them fresh out of the garden, but now it's time to harvest them as I really don't need a big woody stalk through my bulb. They were slightly disappointing this year, but well, the seasons have been extreme.
The garlic is starting to dry off and I have pulled the first ones to cure. Ahh.... nothing better than a really good supply of organic, home-grown garlic!

These are going to have really big heads! Yes, yes, yes. Quite a few of those will go in the ground again next season. The bigger the clove, the bigger the garlic head.
The Blue-Podded Capucyner Peas are finally coming on. I don't think we'll have a glut of peas, but at least a few fresh tender ones. That's fine.

And if your name is Kel and you are reading this, stop now. Don't read any further! Shoo...

The red currants are getting bigger and better.


Kel said...

i was gob smaked enough by the stunning look of those purple peas to have the red currant blow softened....mmm stil some underdeveloped ones??? she says hopefully...

Anonymous said...

Looking good. I pinch off the flower stalks of the garlic and use the bud in cooking - it gives a lovely 'strong' garlic flavour. My redcurrants still green but one berry is a bit pink so hopeful if we every get any sun!

Cabbage Heart said...

Beautiful looking garlic there Veggie Gnome! (sigh)

Veggie Gnome said...

Why the sigh, Cabbage Heart? Throw some garlic in a pot or styrofoam box next planting season. :) That should keep you rockin' & rollin'.

Kel, I'm afraid there are not (m)any underdeveloped red currants. Yes, the peas are gorgeous. Wish the ducks and snails hadn't demolished the first lot of seedlings!

Cosmic, thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about the seed head thingie. Will throw some in our pasta tonight! Hope your red currants ripen up beautifully soon.

Anna's Spot said...

Can we just move in with you :) I love to cook.