Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A simple dessert

Freshly picked, organic, local (a few steps from the house), healthy. Delicious! That's all we'll have for dessert tonight.
May you all have a Berry Happy New Year. Filled with love, good health, laughter and only the best from the garden!

Don't forget to make New Year's Eve resolutions - so that you can break them first thing in the new year. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

LOL VG, I like that idea! Happy New Year to you and yours too.

Olive said...

Delicious !

Happy New Year to All at Gnomesville

Strolchenmama said...

Hallo aus Deutschland,
wünschen Euch ein erfolgreiches 2009.
Freuen uns über Euren Block.(Ich bewundere die Liebe zum Detail die da drin steckt.Cl)

Anna's Spot said...

Looks so good. I hope you have a very Happy Healthy and Great 2009.
Hugs and Love~

littlem said...

Gorgeous berries.