Thursday, 25 September 2008

Time to move!

The tomato seedlings had grown heaps since I repotted them. There was no way I could keep them on the window sill much longer.

Here they are, before the move, still enjoying the view. However the ones on the shelf below had to crouch and were not happy.

So, the last view of the whole lot, from outside.

Then a new home had to be built. A few hours later (this gnome is not a professional cold frame builder, so these things take a bit longer) the new home was ready.

One lot is already inside, the next lot is ready to go.

Ahh.... room to move, uh..grow.
Nighty night!


Olive said...

Hardening them off will slow them down a little.....maybe, now mine might catch up !
A word of warning, place something heavy on the glass, it could blow off in a strong wind.

Veggie Gnome said...

Well, we'll see how it goes! They are basking in the sun at the moment. Come the cooler weather, they'll definitely slow down.

The glass and frame are very heavy. It'll be impossible to blow off.