Monday, 8 September 2008

Prune and mulch

...the looooong row of hydrangeas. We were a bit late this year due to the cold and wet winter. Normally we'd prune them back some time in June or July.

This is a small section of the row. Pruning in progress.

Same spot from different angle.

Pile them up and put them through the mulcher.
Fantastic mulch! There are now about 12 big bags of mulch in the shed. They will be gone in no time at all.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I'm surprised hydrangeas grow so well in your dry summer. You must be doing something right! BTW - I notice your link to my blog is showing posts from 7 months ago. I've posted a fair bit since then! Cheers.

Veggie Gnome said...

Yes, they do extremely well here. We don't water them or feed them. All we do is prune them in winter.

I noticed this about your link, but I don't know how to change your link so that it is updated. (??)