Saturday, 6 September 2008


This is always a stunning patch in spring. Great colour, great foliage.
Soon flower buds will be developing and artichoke madness will descend upon us. Yeah!


Maggie said...

Artichokes really are a magnificent plant and great to eat.
We usually end up cleaning, cooking and then eating them straight away in the kitchen with lemon. No need for fancy hollandaise sauce.
What a great Spring day we are having.
We have seeds bursting from the soil everywhere today, tomatoes, rocket, all the joys of summer!

Veggie Gnome said...

We don't fuss much with artichokes either. Prepare a dressing with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper (and freshly chopped herbs of your choice, if you like). Cook artichoke hearts and throw straight into this dressing. Eat with crusty, freshly baked bread. :)

Yeah, spring is here and everything is eager to germinate, grow and look its best!

Kate said...

I will be away! I hope there are still some in my garden in November.