Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bay Tree

Everything is flowering. Even our bay tree. Spring is an absolutely amazing time of the year.

Here are the flowers of the bay tree.


Gavin said...

VG, I use dried bay leaves all the time in cooking. Can you use them straight from the tree to cook with, and if so, what is the difference in flavour?

I am just curious, because I have been thinking of planting one for quite a while.


Veggie Gnome said...

Hi Gav! I'd say - go for it! They are lovely plants, easy to maintain, and you can use the leaves fresh from the tree. That's what we do. I think the fresh leaves are more flavoursome and better. But that might be just me.

We planted our tree in the backyard where it is in partial shade. We don't water it in summer at all, it does receive a good feed (compost) and mulch nearly every year. But your conditions may vary. It has been in the ground for approx. 8 years and it has only grown to about 1 meter. It's a nice bushy shrub. They can grow much taller, though. We use the leaves regularly in our cooking.