Monday, 29 September 2008


We found our first baby apricots on the tree. There are tons of them. Well, we've seen that happen before and then failed to get a single apricot off our tree.

So this year we decided to net our tree very early. We put in 4 stardroppers, then slid 2" rural pipe over them crosswise. We did put netting over it, but there is no picture of that. Well, there is, but it looks messy. We have to redo it.

This week we will continue netting our cherry and plum trees as they are flowering profusely. One thing we learned when we did this tree - space the stardroppers better. The diameter has to be bigger so that when you slide the net over the polypipe it won't get stuck in branches sticking out. There has to be a bit more clearance.


Stewart said...

Thanks for the tip.
I might try that on a smaller scale over my tomatoes to keep out fruit fly.

Jaygee said...

I think I shall have to invest in a camera tripod so that my pictures are not out of focus (caused by my trembling hand) Your fruit are MUCH larger than mine