Thursday, 8 October 2009

Of wine making, prosciutto, salami...

... and babies in buckets. And a whole lot more than fits into a title.

Kelly & Simon very graciously invited us to a spot of wine making. After finely chopping a heap of carrots and going on a tour through the garden, we sampled their duck prosciutto. Oh, what a delectable morsel that was! Served with some pickled figs - yummelicious!Then some oranges had to be zested and a heap of citrus to be juiced. Hard work, so Kelly brought out her home-made salami.

Hmm... the hosts don't seem to be sure whether this is good mould or bad mould on the salami.

Then Simon concluded, 'This looks like a [deleted two words].'
After that it was time the baby was put in the bucket. The poor thing was still blushing after what he had just heard.
In the meantime the potatoes roasted in duck fat were coming along nicely.
The bucket with the wine-to-be had to be stirred, the temperature checked to ensure it was the right one for the yeast to be added.

But before that we sat down to a rabbit, pancetta & wild mushroom pie. Served with roast potatoes in duck fat and crispy garlicky kale.
And here we end the tale of a great afternoon & evening with wonderful people, great fun & food, etc. Thank you, Kelly & Simon! :)


Kelly said...

oh yeah, I havent posted on this have I? I didnt take any pics, thats why! Thanks, i can barely remember you taking ANY of these pics! Must have been the wine. This weekend i will take some pics, no wine to be had at afternnon tea! It was a fun fun 9 hours!

Katy said...

How brilliant! Looks like a fun time!

Em said...

Envious of you all and happy that the universe works the way it should sometimes! Looks delicious and very much fun :)