Thursday, 15 October 2009

Let's have a bonfire party!

Do you like bonfires? Do you like building bonfires? Do you like lighting bonfires?

Why not come to our place on Saturday, 31 October 2009, from 1pm to early tea time?!
Or, if that date is not convenient, Sunday 1 November 2009, depending on interest and how much is left to burn. However, if we have enough helpers for Saturday, we could all go to this exciting event together! Please join both events. :)

We are doing our yearly fire season maintenance on that weekend. This means, we are collecting all sticks and branches on the ground and piling them on bonfires in several areas. We also rake up leaves and either pile them on the same bonfire or put them on a separate pile for long-term composting. We are also thinking of doing a slow-burn bonfire to produce biochar. (This is a link to an article by Peter Cundall. It is in PDF format. But there are tons of articles on biochar on the web.)

So, as soon as we pick up sticks and branches, we throw them straight on to the bonfire. If that is your thing and you'd like to join in the fun - please do not hesitate, you are very welcome to join in. The more, the merrier. :)
This activity will be 'interrupted' by a break, where we shall have afternoon tea. Then continue on and then have early-ish tea.

All food and drinks provided by us. You are very welcome to join in. Please leave a comment or send us an email, if you are interested. Don't be shy! :)

All we have to hope for is that the weather cooperates. If it is bucketing down, or there are gale force winds, we can't do anything.


Kelly said...

hehe, thats funny, i was going to do a biochar post a few days ago. We have been loking into using the pizza oven for such a purpose with all our green cuttings and helps dry out the oven too. W'll be there if the dates free in the diary(might leave the kid home! lol else strap him to my back, im sure the girls would LOVE it!

Veggie Gnome said...

We had a little chat with Simon on Tuesday and he mentioned biochar in the pizza oven. Flower Gnome had done it last year (not in the pizza oven) and we thought it might be worth to continue the experiment.
Let's hope you can make it. It'll be great fun. :)