Monday, 12 October 2009

88 tomato plants

...sunbathing on the windowsill.

I think there are about 29 varieties, but I'd have to check. What does it really matter? All I am worried about is, where to plant all the seedlings? I am sure I'll be able to give away some of them.
This week I will have to finally sow some cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, etc. I also seem to have a lack of capsicums and chillies. How did that happen? Ah, yes, quite a lot of the seeds did not germinate. Hmm.... maybe I can swap tomato plants for capsicums and chillies?

The veggie beds are slowly being cleared of weeds, and then they have to receive some compost and mulch. Spring is always a crazy time. Far too much to do, far too little time. Are you all organised? Done all your spring chores? If you nodded to these questions - good for you. If you still have some energy left, you are very welcome to come up to our place and help with our chores. :)


daharja said...

Oh I wish!

I think I have about half a dozen. But then, tomatoes don't do well here (Dunedin), and I'm also very very short on indoor space in which to get them past the baby stage.

I'm drooling at yours!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I have got a few tomatoes, some zucchini, looks like a couple of eggplants are finally showing their heads, no luck so far on anything else, so looks as if I will have to have another go. I didn't sow too many to start with.... no way could I fit 88 tomatoes in, it would be nice though.

Jacqui said...

did you read Stewart's post on the benefits of wood ash and pee for your tomato plants? Worth a try I reckon!