Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Now they are teenagers

The tomato seedlings have grown very well. They are busting to get out of their little pots.
So, finally some of them moved into bigger pots. The rest will have to wait until I find a spare moment.
Not sure where I will put them all when they are grown up. Might have to find a good home for some of them.


Kelly said...

ive been handing a few of my excess around! Nice to know theyre going to good home. BTW, what is that yellow stuff geting solar blitzed in the jar??

Veggie Gnome said...

That's my lemon pickle. http://madgnomes.blogspot.com/2009/08/lemon-pickle-honey-wine.html

It has been cooking for 2 months now and it's nearly ready. Bit salty for my taste, but it may improve with age. Or it'll add quite some umphhh to some dish. :)

Olive said...

Teenagers eh! Thats when the trouble begins :-)

Seriously, looking good.

daharja said...

I've got the same "problem" - all my seedlings are going crazy!

I got together with a friend, who I found out was a keen gardener, and did swapsies. Gave her half my seedlings of things she didn't have, and she gave me a ton of new things I didn't have.

She scored: peas, cranberries, lettuce (about half a dozen varieties), cucumbers, basil.

I scored: lavender, garlic, pickles (in a jar, home-made, yum!), tomatoes, lemon balm, and Mystery Seedlings (she told me what they were but I forgot)

All good :-)

Yes, I think your seedlings need to be shared! And if you pick the right person to share them with, you might just get something nice you don't have in return!