Tuesday, 8 April 2008


The first raised bed is now in use. Filled it up with more sheep manure, compost, mushroom compost, soil and a thick layer of pea straw.

I left the star dropper in the middle as I thought it'll come in handy if I wanted to grow some climbing stuff. Well, it's time for peas. Strung some wire between the posts on either end, through the star dropper. Then planted 3 varieties of peas and 1 snow pea variety.

Planted some spinach and leeks at the edges. The good thing is - there is still room to plant more veggies around the edges in the next few weeks.

The whole thing would look less messy if that weed..uh..compost pile wasn't just behind the raised bed.


Kate said...

Just looking at your rain record - did you get all that?? I only got 17mm since the beginning of April!

Veggie Gnome said...

Yes, we seem to have more rain than even our neighbours. The rain clouds must get stuck in our trees and stay their longer or something.