Monday, 24 December 2007

Shovel, shovel, heeeaaave! - Tank, the 2340th

Everything was in place yesterday. The dolomite had been delivered. The earth-ring was positioned in the excavated spot. Time to do some shovelling. And more shovelling. Until the earth-ring was filled. Then levelled. Then compacted. Then levelled....

Then some more measuring. Cut the malthoid and position it on top of the dolomite.

Now for the more 'interesting' part. Roll the tank over, position it in a spot where it would be easiest and safest to heave onto the earth-ring. Think and double-think whether you are comfortable with the setup. Feeling confident? Can 3 gnomes handle the tank? Shall we ask for an extra pair of hands (a big thank you to everyone who had offered to help)?

We are confident. All hands on deck!


Position until it's snug on the base.

Drive in star droppers and tie down the tank. No chance to run away now. Aaaaahhhh! We did it!

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