Sunday, 16 December 2007

My favourite jam ... apricot jam.

Therefore I just couldn't resist when I saw a box of apricots for 12 dollars at the fruit & veg shop yesterday. Imagine! 10 kilos for 12 dollars. I'd have been mad not to buy that. Especially as our apricot tree refuses to bear fruit. It flowers, it sets fruit, it drops them shortly afterwards. Not impressed.

Anyway, it was a perfect afternoon for staying indoors and making jam. (Did I mention that we had received 5mm of rain and it was still drizzly and cloudy? The first rain in one whole month! Joy, joy, joy!)

This is the box after I had made jam and preserved 6 jars of apricots. 5 kilos left for eating. The fruit looks very ripe and squishy but is still pretty firm (but sweet) and will keep a while.
This will brighten a dreary day - just open the pantry door and you'll see sunshine in jars.

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Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic - I love apricot jam the best too. And it makes a quick sweet addition to curry. You could dehydrate the rest for later use. I'll be on the lookout for apricots after Christmas too. Have a truly wonderful fabulous and productive Christmas with Flower Gnome and Mamma Gnome.