Saturday, 29 December 2007

Hot hot hot!

There is nothing much going on here at the moment. Early morning watering of vegetables and fruit trees. Good exercise with a watering can in each hand! Then closing up the house to keep the heat out. Late afternoon / evening opening of curtains and doors to get some of the breeze, if there is any. A walk around the garden to check if everything is still alive.

We have already had a few days over 30 C and this is the forecast for the next few days:
Saturday  Dry. Sunny.         Max 38
Sunday Dry and sunny. Max 39
Monday Dry. Sunny. Min 23 Max 41
Tuesday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 21 Max 32
Wednesday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 19 Max 33
Thursday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 20 Max 36
Friday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 23 Max 39
Saturday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 21 Max 34
(Taken from the BOM website)


Winnie said...

da komm ich doch gleich mal rüber zum aufwärmen.
Grüß Claudia

Veggie Gnome said...

Du wirst nicht nur aufgewärmt, sondern leicht gebraten. Viel Spass dabei! :)