Saturday, 1 December 2007

Kicking and screaming

Who would have thought these gentle creatures would kick up such a fuss and scream down the house when it comes to shearing time?!

Thanks to our neighbours we were able to watch their alpacas being shorn yesterday. If we had still been thinking about getting alpacas this would have cured us forever.

Here they are, still woolly. I am sure they were eyeing the bus and scheming a getaway.However, there was no escape. On to the table and tied up both ends. When one side is shorn, they get flipped over on the table and the other side is shorn.
Yes, they do spit. So a spit bag helps. Apparently their spit stinks. And even dried up spit, if reconstituted after 3 months, is still potent enough to clear the room/paddock.
Let's 'peel' off the wool.
Please note that no animals were harmed in this process. I was impressed how gentle everybody was with these creatures.

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