Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Garlic Woes

My garlic wants to grow! Braids of growing garlic. Boohoo...

In a desperate attempt to save at least some cloves of garlic, I threw the best ones on a baking tray and roasted them until soft.

Put them into clean jars, then top with olive oil until they are fully covered.

Roast garlic is wonderful by itself, or spread on a slice of bread, or as a finishing touch for stews, soups, sauces, etc.

Now I'll have to be very stingy with the remaining cloves. At least there are 3 big beds of garlic growing in the garden. Aaahhh.... :)


daharja said...

I'm looking at all your garlic and just drooling! Yummy!

I wish!

We've only just started growing the stuff, and have about half a dozen cloves that have started and are really taking off. So it will be a while before I'm harvesting anything from them. But give me time!

Looks delicious...I'm now imagining yummy homemade garlic bread ;-)

The Gnome said...

Oh that looks amazing.

I just saw your comment on another blog and thought i'd pop in and say hello to a fellow Gnome!, so hello!!

Julie said...

No, not your garlic too!! Ah well, your roasted stuff looks divine - and if your garlic in the ground looks as good as mine does at the moment, we will both be very happy little Garlic Lovers in a couple of months :-) Vast improvement on last year so far.

Tricia said...

That roasted garlic looks incrediably yummy! I've never actually grown garlic but am keen to give it a go.