Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Not for human consumption

Raw milk, that is.

You know what? I grew up with/on raw milk. Drank it until we moved to town, away from our farming neighbours with ready access to fresh, raw milk. When I had my first sip of shop bought milk I hated the taste so much, I stopped drinking milk there and then.

Three decades later I tasted real milk again. Fresh from the cow. Unadulterated. I like it.

So, now we are drinking milk that is illegal. It's full of good stuff, not messed with, healthy, free of antibiotics, pesticides, etc. No middleman was able to earn anything on it. It's direct from the farmer. The cows are grazing out on the lush, green paddock. They look healthy and happy. Nothing mass-produced. All this can only be good for you, the cows, the farmer, the environment. That's why it's illegal. The big corporations are not earning any money. Not from pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, not from messing with the milk. Oh, and I forgot! It's in GLASS bottles! I love it. No wasted packaging. Rinse, return, reuse.

For good measure we got a tub of cream, too. We happened to have some apple cake at home. Perfect with cream.

We might have to go underground. Join the underground food movement. :) I am sure we will not be alone there.


Kelly said...

hehe. you radicals! funny, i dont like raw girl.

Veggie Gnome said...

Do you think we could borrow Simon's butter churn? I'm sure he's got one! *LOL*

Katrine said...

Yum! the raw cream at the top is always my favourite bit, and you've got a whole tub of it! i'm very jealous :)

Jacqui said...

oh that looks good! We search everywhere to find unhomogenised milk but can't get it very often. Being a city girl, I've never had 'raw' milk but I'd like to try it. Go the radical foodies!!

Green Bean said...

Wohoo! Love the underground food movement. The food tastes better here and everyone is happier.

Olive said...

I will join the club !!

Dot said...

I've just stumbed onto your blog and was excited to read your post. So jealous of your access to raw cream, your picture just looks insanely good.

Gavin said...

Hi VG, I grew up on a dairy in Loxton North in South Australia. It is not there now of course due to water licences, but I drank raw milk by the bucket load. We were even allowed to sell it back then by the billy.

I would die for 8 litres of raw milk now to make cheese with. Apparently they sell it at some of the Melbourne city farmers markets as "bath milk" just to get around the regulation. Other may want to watch out for it.


Veggie Gnome said...

Kelly, if you like B.D. Farm milk, you like raw milk.

Katrine, you too, can have raw milk. A trip up the hills, is all that is required.

Jacqui, it is great stuff! I'd be surprised if you didn't like it. Have you tried looking into a cow share programme?

Green Bean, you got it! We are in good company, I see.

Olive, welcome to the club!

Dot, welcome and thank you. Hope you find some raw milk soon, too. Ask around. Search. It can take some time.

Gavin, have you looked into cow share, or herd share? I'm sure there is one somewhere close to you. We are now going to make some cheese, too! Can't wait. Which cheese would you recommend to start with?

daharja said...

I don't drink milk at all, as I have problems digesting it (yes, even raw milk). But one thing I *would* like to see is the return of glass bottles.

If I *did* drink milk, I think I'd be boycotting it right now, because of the huge amount of waste involved in plastic bottles. You *can* get it in cartons (sometimes), but more and more they have plastic screw tops on them - I still cant figure out for the life of me why - and that means more waste.

And the UHT combined packaging containers (the square boxes) are simply unrecyclable. It seems the only answer is to lobby the producers and packagers, and avoid the product altogether until they change.