Monday, 7 September 2009

Tomato Madness & Methi Chicken

Finally, the seeds are sown! 31 varieties of tomatoes are sitting nicely in their little pots. The capsicums and eggplants are snuggling up to them, too. Now there are 'only' the chillies, etc. to be sown. This year I put them straight on to the window sill. The previous years they sat closer to the fire first up, but I reckon as it is coming up to warmer weather, they should be just fine on the window sill.There is a bit of pressure for a good crop this season, as we are slowly running out of preserved tomatoes. By summer we will need to replenish the rapidly dwindling stock. Wish me luck!

(The two jars contain lemon pickles that are sun-cooking. 2 different recipes, hence the difference in colour.)

On Saturday we visited Maggie & Bob's garden where the fenugreek was trying to take over their garden bed. Maggie very generously cut us a heap of fenugreek and while she was doing that I was already looking forward to Methi (fenugreek) Chicken. Over at Cosmic's place, I had bookmarked this recipe and was itching to try it. Perfect opportunity.

It is a ripper of a recipe! We loved it. Thanks, Cosmic, for this recipe. We will make this again very soon.

The fenugreek turned translucent after being quickly fried. Fascinating stuff.
Served with naan and raita. Absolutely delicious!


Katy said...

Everything you make always looks and sounds so delicious!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yum that looks and sounds delicious, I must have been channelling you as we had chicken biriani over the weekend.

Kelly said...

in the words f a 14 yo..nom nom nom. fenugreek looks like sea lettuce..weird! i have to admit to never cooking with fenugreek, only its seed..

Maggie said...

Thanks for this recipe, I just tried frying a few fenugreek leaves as you did. You are right they have a great almost "hing" flavour.
I had intended on making a saag with them, but I did not know what flavour to expect.
I think they would be good in spinach fritters and pakoras.

Veggie Gnome said...

Katy, thanks! :)

Pip, scary thought! :)

Kelly. *LOL* The leaves are crispy and translucent. Funky stuff.

Maggie, yes, they'd be great in a lot of dishes, as a last minute addition in their crispy, funky state. Or in fritters, etc. Good thinking!