Friday, 11 September 2009

Spring colours

Spring is always amazing! The sudden abundance of flowers, bees and sunshine. It never ceases to fill me with joy and hope.Here is one of our plum trees, flowering madly. Also the pink rosemary and yellow wallflower.


Gavin said...

VG, your plum tree looks like it will have a massive crop. Mine on the other hand will only have about 5-10 plums on it this year with an extreme lack of blossom. However, last year we had the biggest crop ever. Do plum trees need a rest every few years? Just curious if anyone knows the answer. I only have one jar of plum jam and one jar of preserved plums left, and am sad :-(


Veggie Gnome said...

Gav, our plum trees seem to do the same. One year they produce masses and the next a bit less. Not sure whether every plum tree does that, but ours do. If we have a glut, you are welcome to as many plums as you like. Pickup only, sorry. :)