Monday, 31 August 2009

A great bunch of people...

...visited Gnomesville yesterday afternoon!

Gosh, what fun we had! Thanks folks, for coming. You made the afternoon very special.

And now we also know that it takes 4 hours to cycle from town to our place. Just in case you ever wondered. Wonder how long it took Ting & Olly to cycle back home all the way downhill?

After all the introductions and plonking all these enticing plates and bowls of food on the kitchen bench, we decided we should have a quick walk around the garden.The rain was not kind to us, but after a little break we continued our tour.The wind was icy, so it was soon time to go inside to the wood fires and the food.
(Thanks Flower Gnome for taking these 2 pictures. All my pictures are of food. Ooops.)

What a display!
I thought I had managed to try every single dish, but looking at the pictures, I notice I missed Ting's steamed cake and Maggie's salted nuts. Not bad, really, considering.

There were Kel's Honey-Ginger Apple Tarts with Cinnamon-Sugar Walnuts. We also had a chance to sample her raspberry wine and quince champagne. They were amazing.Pip's macaroons and potted pork. Neighbour Gnome's nibblies with smoked salmon, all very prettily decorated. Ting's steamed cake and her own preserved olives. Maggie's carrot & lentil dip, salted nuts and a bowl of garden greens & flowers. It was like nibbling our way through her garden. Katrine's brownies and falafels with yoghurt. Everything was incredibly delicious!
We offered a very deconstructed Beef Wellington. I made my own puff pastry which was a huge disaster. The 'thing' (can't call it puff pastry) was a crumbly mess. The mushrooms (gathered earlier in the season from the forest) and the meat was delicious. But all the bloggers saw, was the thinly sliced meat. Condiments were mustard, pickled figs, zucchini pickles, spicy salsa. Homemade bread.

Oh, how could I forget! The raspberry icecream. That's all that was left over.

Here is Katrine holding on to her flower pot.

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of more people! But I was too busy enjoying your company. Thanks again for coming and making this a very special gathering.

This is really only a very brief description of the afternoon. There was so much fun, laughter, chatter and general happiness!

We shall try to do something similar some time in October for a spring seedling swap. Or that's the excuse. I'm sure we'll have some food as well. :) I think Kel offered to host the next event. But we are quite happy to open our house again, if need be.


Jen said...

What a wonderful day, Veggie. I would have loved to be there to meet everyone in person. Sounds like a superb series of dishes to sample.

Kel said...

thnaks for a great afternoon! great hosts as usual and so god to meet up with some readers and fellow bloggers. I love his modern century! Food was intensly good and company brilliant and we all gor sent hom with extra good. who can ask for more. thanks again.

Katrine said...

thank you gnomes for hosting such a tasty afternoon and for all the leafy/flowery presents!!! it was lovely to meet so many inspiring greem thumbed bloggers! :)

Ting said...

Thanks to everybody. What a great day visiting fellow bloggers' garden.
It takes 4 hour from the west part of the city to Gnomes', including getting lost in the Montacute conservation park. In fact we found out later that a cycle path "Mawson Trail" actually goes to the backyard of Gnomes' from Gorge Road.
It took 3 hours back home.

Katy said...

How lovely x

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yes, thank you Gnomes, it was a really pleasant afternoon and great to meet up with fellow bloggers. When we got home we both thought of Ting and Olly cycling home, pleased to know it was a faster trip back. We both nibbled on so much food that I didn't need to cook tea that night.