Monday, 17 August 2009

A little walk in the garden

The broccoli is growing nicely. I just hope it won't start bolting as soon as the warmer weather hits.The white flowering rosemary is covered in flowers and looks amazing!The daffodils are out en masse. They are slowly replacing the jonquils.The King Protea is shaping up nicely and should look stunning once the flower opens up.
Flower Gnome's raspberry icecream is always a hit. Local thick cream with our free-range eggs and organic (frozen) raspberries from our berry patch.


Kel said...

that was a teaser right??? just teting it ready for the blogger do? riggghhtt???

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I was thinking that was a tease as well. The warmer weather is certainly getting everything going early.

Katrine said...

i'm looking forward to admiring the garden (and the ice-cream!?!) in person :)
having you're very own berry patch is very impressive indeed!

daharja said...

Ohhhhh...that ice-cream looks good! I can't wait until our canes are fruiting :-) There's nothing like home-grown berries, is there!