Thursday, 13 August 2009

Feeding frenzy!

Last weekend we went out for tea - something that doesn't happen very often. But we were too knackered after a day of shovelling 1 ton of dolomite sand, manoeuvring a 5000l rain water tank into position, etc. to do any cooking in the evening.

Anyway, we were enjoying our meal immensely, and all that was left on the plates was a big pile of bones (pork ribs, lamb shanks - a real meat feast!). So, we were saying how much our chooks would enjoy these bones (there was still a smidgen of meat left on them), when the waitress asked how things were, etc. When we told her how lovely the meal was and that we were wondering whether we could have the bones for our chooks, she didn't bat an eyelid and brought out some alu foil to wrap them up. Wow! We did feel bad about the alu foil, and were wondering whether to bring a container for chook scraps with us next time we went out for tea...but that might be another story.

So, next morning the chooks had an absolute feast! They weren't too keen on the lamb shanks, but enjoyed the pork ribs.

Here they are:


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yum pork ribs, we've been enjoying roast pork belly lately. Maybe keep a container in the car for such eventualities.

belinda said...

:-) there is nothing quite as amusing to watch than enthusiastic chooks. They have this balance of totally comical and thoroughly primal going on all at the same time.

Kind Regards

Katrine said...

*lol* chickens are wonderful beasties!

Jacqui said...

Ah they are funny critters! I love the tag and drop game - one grabs it and runs then another grabs it and runs ... and so on and so on. Even funnier when they live in a round enclosure so they just go around and around in circles! We discovered they like meat by accident when I was bringing home scraps from the canteen at work and they went crazy over some bones before I realised they were chicken bones. Oops! I think having a chook scrap bag is a fine idea - you never know when you'll use it (we once scrapped up some left overs sitting outside a cafe on a table - the girls went nuts over the soggy chips!)

Kel said...

Ive got a an old gnocchi container with lid that will do the trick! lol. chooks, i miss them!

Mickle in NZ said...

This post really got me chuckling away - reasons to make and eat great pork spare ribs

- if only there were some chooks near me so I could get away with feasting on pork ribs often!

Lucky chooks - now how good are their eggs after wards?????