Friday, 28 August 2009

Something rich...

...and decadent for Sunday.

Rasberry Icecream.
This is a recipe from a Donna Hay magazine. She calls it 'crushed raspberry semifreddo'. We changed it a bit to suit our taste.

3 eggs plus 2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp rum
1 cup caster sugar (or less)
500g frozen raspberries
420ml cream

Take out your egg carton with the dirty eggs. Our chooks have not yet learned to wipe their feet when they enter their nesting boxes. Some good rum (or any other good liqueur) and caster sugar.Rummage through your freezer to get to your bags with the frozen raspberries that you diligently picked throughout summer.
Beat eggs, sugar and rum until thick, frothy and pale yellow.
This is done in a bowl over a saucepan with simmering water.
Bung in crushed raspberries.
Fold gently into egg mixture.Get your favourite thick, double cream (local). Whip slightly.Fold egg/berry mixture gently into cream and divide between two lined loaf tins.
Cover with alu foil (any suggestions how to avoid alu foil?) and freeze.
Make sure the leftovers go into two cups so that you can do some quality control.

Then the bowl-licking will commence.


Kel said...

i think those 2 cups could have fit into the tins...looks sensational! yummo. what a treat. alu foil..hmmm.lemme think. just wash it and reuse?! silicone floppy sheets?

Katrine said...

i can't wait to try! it looks fantastic!
all this talk about amazing food/wine you and kel are doing is making me think i should start planning what to make for sunday ... i do like an excuse to read recepie books instead of working :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Kel, NO WAY it could have fit! *LOL*
We already wash and reuse. Silicone floppy sheets? Must have a look around.

Katrine, there is no excuse needed for reading cook books. Oh, and don't stress, we only WRITE about our food in such a way that it sounds amazing. *grin*

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I use a product called Go-Between by Glad, yes it is plastic, but one box lasts for ever because you can wash it and hang it out to dry (at least that is what I do with it) I use it for lining tins/containers for frozen things(ice-cream) or in the fridge (tiramisu or hedgehog) hmm they are all sweet things aren't they. Also good for snapfreezing strips of bacon etc
I have a couple of ideas of what to make on Sunday, but haven't decided on sweet or savoury (or both)

Aussiemade said...

Oh thank goodness I have run out of frozen berries! lol It is now in my recipe list for this summer though. You dont realy need to use any lining, well at least I don't, for home made ice cream. I just pop the container in some warm (well in summer just tap water is warmer than the frozen container), and it slips out onto a plate.

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for the tip, Aussiemade. Makes perfect sense. :)

Have fun with the recipe this summer. You'll be hooked. :)

daharja said...

Aha! I'll nab this recipe! Yumminess!

I wonder if it would work with rice milk? One of my kids is dairy-free (has autism), and he wouldn't want to miss out. I don't see why not. I could do two batches - one for him, and one for the rest of us, and he'd be none the wiser, especially if I plumped his up with extra berries :-)

Veggie Gnome said...

Daharja, I am sure you'll like this! It can be adjusted to your liking. More or less berries, more or less sugar / honey... Not sure how rice milk works as I have never had it. Good luck! Hope it works for you, too. :)