Monday, 20 April 2009

Picking Party

A glut of crabapples? Figs? Invite some people round to pick them.
Then enjoy some afternoon tea.

That's what we did on Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous autumn day and everybody seemed to have fun picking our neighbours' crabapples or figs.

The old gnomes arrived at our place and were keen to get started. So they went across to our neighbour gnomes.

Then the Kelly gang arrived (after some hiccups on the way) with a big bucket of apples. Thanks again for those. They are lovely! Good thing we aren't appled out yet. Ours are still ripening on the trees and should be ready to be picked latest in July.

Anyway. Long, fun story cut short. Lots of picking. Lots of laughter. Alpaca inspection. Etc. No photos, sorry.

Then afternoon tea.Kel's apple cake.Neighbour gnome's fig & almond cake.

Company and food was great! I think we all had a lot of fun.

Now, if anyone would love to pick some crabapples, please do not hesitate to send me an email or write a comment. I'll put you in touch with our neighbours. They'd be keen for people to come and pick whatever crabapples they'd like.

Edit: Just received the link for the Fig & Almond Tart recipe from the Neighbour Gnome. Happy baking!


kimchi said...

Now I would like a piece of that fig and almond cake mailed to me! That looks fabulous...

Anonymous said...

Stick them to the tree - we'll be there in July!

Kel said...

we had a great time, despite 'the incident'. run off my feet today managing that huge bucket of crabs and all the figs.

Mickle in NZ said...

Drool, only figs too fiberous for my innards.

hope you all had a glorious time, and looked after Female neighbour Gnome and her new joint.

What a great harvest to enjoy. hope you did, care and huggles from Wellington, NZ, Mickle and Zebbycat, my darling rescue cat, xxxx and happy purrrumbling