Saturday, 25 April 2009

~~Aaaaahhhhh..... ~~

...this is a happy sigh. Rain, rain, rain.

57mm in the last 24 hours.
79mm the previous 24 hours.

It is wild and woolly out there. Strong winds, fog, heavy rains. It is such a lovely change to actually spend a whole weekend indoors. No chance of gardening. I am relishing this thought. I know there is heaps to do - plant tons of seedlings, prepare more beds, mulch, feed, prune. However, I am very happy. The tanks are filling up, the ground is slowly soaking up the rain, the parched paddocks are starting to green up.....


Julie said...

Sensational! I think I can hear the ground slurping it up from here ;-)

Veggie Gnome said...

Julie, you are right!! How did you know?!
The ground goes 'shlurp splish shlurp' when you walk on it. I must admit, I also jumped into puddles and rivulets just to see the splashing water. Fun, fun, fun!