Friday, 24 April 2009

Harvest before the rain

Yesterday morning I decided to quickly harvest some veggies before the rain arrived.

The capsicums, chillies and eggplants are still producing.

Yellow, red, chocolate-y capsicums, chillies, eggplants, yellow tomatoes, etc. in the basket.

2 Golden Nugget plants yielded this box full. More than enough to satisfy any pumpkin cravings. Should we ever get those again. (We had far too many pumpkins last year.)

Then I snacked on the last of the Heritage Raspberries. How much healthier can breakfast get?

By the way, the rain gauge showed 79mm of rain this morning!


greenfumb said...

I am so envious of you golden nuggets, I planted some seed this year and not one plant made it to flowering stage. Never mind there's always next year.

Ting said...

Hi VG,
I am worry about my pumpkins. The books I read said that I have to wait until vines dry to harvest. I've put bricks under the pumpkins, I hope they won't rot!

Ravyk said...

Nice harvests there VG!! Those capsicums and pumpkins look good, and so do those raspberries!

You are making me hungry...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the rain to Tassie! Nice late pick.

Money Funk said...

what beautiful veggies you produced! Simply gorgeous!