Monday, 27 April 2009


We have two overflowing tanks! Oh, what joy! The fire tank is full and the overflow is going into the dam (which is rapidly filling up, too). The house tank is overflowing, but not yet into the garden water tank, as it's too wet, wild & woolly out there to rig that up.

Rain gauge readings:
54mm on Sunday morning
60mm this morning

The sheep are wet, woolly monsters. Please do not watch this little clip if you are getting bored of rain and sheep. :)
Ps.: However, there is at least something happening in this clip.


Julie said...

Miss Three wants to know why you are making the sheepies stand in the rain ;-) When I asked where they should be, she rolled her eyes and said *inside* of course! With cups of hot tea no doubt. Woo hoo on the rain though, great stuff.

Veggie Gnome said...

Miss Three, our sheep are funny creatures. They don't like to be cooped up. But they are wrapped in very thick wool - it's like wearing 3 or 4 very thick blankets - and they are still toasty warm. They also have lots of big trees that give them shelter.

Ps.: On extremely cold, chilly mornings we give them warm porridge. But don't tell anyone, they might want some, too. :)